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Weed Man Lawn Care Annapolis, MD relies on the success of its customers, which is why we care for your lawn as if it were our own. Read what other Annapolis, MD Weed Man customers have to say about their experience with us and our services.

Sucess Story

                             For more than 10 years, I tried to get lush, green grass to grow on my property. I tried aeration and all kinds of seed, but nothing would grow except for moss and clover. As the trees grew taller and blocked more sunlight, the moss took over every square inch of my back yard. I was ready to give up until I discovered Weed Man. They had turned around my father’s yard, and he urged me to give it a try. Layne Sheppard arrived and was stunned by the amount of moss, but he believed he could turn it around. It was early September, and I figured it would take 2 years. He helped me contract with a company to remove it all while he analyzed a series of soil samples taken from various locations.
                          Weed Man
aerated, planted a seed that they believed would work in the sandy soil, and left me with detailed watering instructions. I followed them to the letter and waited. After a couple of weeks, I was happily greeted with fledgling grass sprouting all over my yard. I kept watering. Within a month, I had half an acre of pretty normal looking grass growing. In three months, it looked like a golf course. I couldn’t believe my eyes and neither could my neighbors. By the next spring, I had the best looking lawn on the street.

                            No sooner had my yard been turned around than an unexpected series of events led us to move across town. It was a bit ironic that after finally getting things the way I wanted them, someone else would ultimately reap the benefits, but the stellar lawn definitely helped sell the home. Our new home unfortunately had a lawn that was covered with wire grass. It was green with lots of yellow patches and was nearly impossible to mow evenly since it was made up of spiraling wire strands rather than individual blades of grass.

                             I called Weed Man and asked them to work their magic once more. Layne informed me that they had just developed a new process to kill of wire grass, which was nearly impossible only a few years ago. I gave them the green light. It looked rough once all the wire grass was dead, but after aerating, seeding and three months of steady watering, I once again have the lush, green lawn that I always wanted. Thanks Weed Man!
                                                                   - Kevin Miller, Annapolis, MD 
                           This is the first year we used Weed Man and in the 15 years we have lived here the first year are yard looks half way decent. I know it's going to take more time but your treatments have been cheaper than anything else I've tried and produced better results. We still battle a couple of stubborn weed like clover but hopefully we can get it under control. My only comment is you need to develop a chart of when you are going to service a resident and what type of application is being put on. this year we had to just keep calling your office or guessing I would definitely recommend your company.
                                                                         - , Annapolis, MD 
                          My lawn totally died this summer, between weed killer, patches that never germinated seed last fall and dry spell. Appears to be coming back now with seeding and aeration. The willingness of my branch team to keep working on it, coming back, being very fair about not charging to redo things that are not the reason I have stuck with Weedman. I am looking forward to spring and hopefully two years of work will pay off with a nice lawn.
                                                                 - Goldstein, Annapolis, MD
We started the service in late summer, killed all the weeds and aerated and reseeded a few weeks ago. So far the lawn looks very promising! I am impressed with the thorough service and follow ups. All the staff is courteous, helpful and friendly. Great customer service!
                                                                 - Goldstein, Annapolis, MD
Working closely with the area manager to remedy a technician problem - very responsive and professional about the matter.
                                                                 - Goldstein, Annapolis, MD
I feel weed man goes the extra mile for customer satisfaction and takes pride in their product among all employees. Greatly appreciated!!!
                                                                - Annapolis, MD
The personnel are very helpful and try to accommodate the complaints of customers. We appreciate how the staff try to work with customer and mother nature.
                                                                                           - Annapolis, MD
Your people have been very helpful
                                                                                           - Annapolis, MD
My lawn hasn't looked this good in years.
                                                                                           - Annapolis, MD
Professional Caring On time Careful Thank you
                                                                                           - Annapolis, MD
As a new customer, I am very pleased with the customer service and attention to detail displayed by your employees and supervisors. I feel my yard is moving in the right direction but the results will take a little time. So far so good!
                                                                                           - Annapolis, MD
Prompt and thorough service.
                                                                                           - Annapolis, MD
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